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This is just a small page in English to say WELCOME to English speaking readers.
Due to many international friends on Instagram and Twitter and my new goodreads account I thought I just give you the chance to get a little bit around here, too.
I haven't written English reviews yet and in the beginning of my bloggings I thought I will only have a German page. Now I think I will provide some English information here as well, maybe post the goodreads reviews and tell you about the new book reading club I'm now a proud member of - the Clockwork Readers (Instagram & goodreads).

Paper butterflies and page bubbles – Jessy’s Moments

Why butterflies? Why soap bubbles? What are my moments?

When I started this blog, I first wanted to call it “One moment, please”. This was already taken. Now I think, “Jessys moments”, my moments, fits way better. In the beginning the books were rated with stars instead of soap bubbles. And the butterflies that always land on my Instagram pictures are there only since February.
Two friends of mine say that butterflies are monsters that will eat you alive when you’re not careful. And that I will get that soon, too :-D

Butterflies and soap bubbles are delicate, they are carried by the wind, fragile and fugacious. Exactly like moments that you have to treat carefully. They come unexpectedly and are carried into any direction. They make me smile and I stand still, watching them and enjoying – the moment.

There were big adventures and small adventures, Mr. Bunnsy knew. You never get told what size they are going to be before you started. Sometimes you could have a big adventure, even when you are standing still.
Mr. Bunnsy has an adventure in The amazing Maurice and his educated rodents by Terry Pratchett

My own special moments come at different times. Most often they do when I’m on the road, in natural surroundings, or in beautiful and strange cities. When I see nice things, art, people. I also have moments because of my moods, good ones and less good ones. The sad ones also pass by gently. Sometimes they knock me down. But they’re still fugacious and fragile.

The moments affect me and attract my attention completely. They shimmer in sunlight and can’t be caught. When you try to hold them you destroy them.

This is exactly like reading. We share the protagonists’ moments and they give us flashes, funny and romantic, confident and happy ending, sad and disturbing, creepy and exciting, thoughtful and explaining. For a moment the fugitive feelings touch us and fascinate us. Like soap bubbles and butterflies, the words and sentences pass by.

The favorite reading place probably creates the most beautiful moments. Well, mine does. Cuddled into a blanket with a tea or coffee in my bed and no one to disturb me. I watch the butterflies and soap bubbles as long as possible. Paper and pages pass by and the rest of the world is fading.

Love, Jessy

Picture by Aleema

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